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SAVVY Sister Spotlight: Briana - Colorfully Designed


How did you become the Savvy Sister that you are today?

I have always loved art and all things creative and crafty! My mother would always let me and my sister get creative and let us do a lot of crazy projects growing up so I’ve always been able to explore my creativity. I also had an aunt who taught me how to make jewelry when I was younger and it quickly became a safe retreat for me.

I felt so happy making jewelry and making something that I could feel proud of! Jewelry making not only made me feel like I was accomplishing something but it was a way I could express myself by making new creative pieces and wearing them! At some point I realized that I wanted to take the plunge and try and make a small business out of my passion and I tried a few times and failed and failed again but I’m still kicking!

What keeps you going when things get tough?

This pandemic has definitely been a tough season and a good example of how I cope when things get tough! When things get tough I just stay positive, I remind myself that whatever isn’t working or whatever bad thing is happening is just temporary and that things can always turn around for the better! Also when things get tough I remind myself to never give up!

There have been plenty of times where I’ve felt down or annoyed that my business isn’t where I’d hoped it would be but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing what I love which is art! Even during the pandemic I had hoped to go to some art shows to sell some pieces but I couldn’t with the quarantine in place, did that stop me from making jewelry? No! I kept making jewelry because I had hope that the quarantine would end and that I’d be able to sell my art again! And I have been able to make sales during this time and when I do make a sale it is so worth the hardships to hear that a customer is happy with a piece that I poured my heart into!

What's one of the biggest lessons you've learned since starting your own business?

A lesson I’ve learned since starting my business is to be patient! When I first started selling jewelry, I was in high school and I sold to my family and a few close friends. Then over time they told some of their friends about my work and I was waiting for my business to take off! When it didn’t I was completely disappointed and discouraged because I didn’t have as many customers as I would of liked. In the end, it was for the best because I didn’t have a real goal in mind for where I wanted my jewelry business to go other than making a few bucks. That time in my life taught me not to focus on fast results but to have patience and to focus on doing what I enjoy and the results will come later!

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give younger you?

I would tell myself to keep pursuing what I love! Not to give up or get discouraged when I am not seeing results but to keep trying hard for what makes me happy! Also to believe in yourself even when the odds are stacked against you and when you feel like you aren’t moving forward keep believing in yourself and fight for what you want to do!

What are three of your greatest strengths?

My 3 greatest strengths I’d say are my creativity, my ability to keep a positive outlook in tough situations and my patience. These strengths have help my small business grow over time and have helped me grow as a person as well!

What's your go to stress reliever?

My go to stress reliever is to go outside into my garden! I enjoy sitting outside, looking at the sky and the flowers and just taking a moment to breathe and be still! When I am stressed and go outside I’m instantly reminded that in every situation God is in control and I have no reason to stress or worry!

What's something you're currently celebrating?

Currently I am celebrating my courage and confidence! Over the last couple years I have become proud of my choice to pursue what makes me happy even though it might not be the most “conventional” choice! I’m celebrating the courage it has taken to step out of my comfort zone to take this path to start my own business. Im also celebrating the confidence I have to stand up for my art and my choice to do what makes me happy in spite of what others may think! My confidence has helped me try new things that I might not have done in the past out of fear, like going to a craft show for the first time this year and actually doing well!

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