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- Yes, you went! Sasha, don't come! Run to the machine, call, call faster: she hit someone! - The man waved his hand to the guy, he opened his mouth, fussed, turned his head and ran towards the pay phone The man remained standing, clenching his fists at his stomach, stretching his neck, trying to see everything that was possible through the hood of my "nine".

I looked at the close-cropped back of the corpse's head and remembered the whole day. Oh, and I had a bad feeling.

I lifted the hem of my dress and knelt down. With her left hand, she took hold of the shoulder of the corpse, passed it through the torso with her right hand and turned it over.

Seryozha the sambo wrestler, whom I saw today for the first time in my life, was lying on his back and staring at the sky with glassy eyes. Two abrasions on the head - in front and on the left.

I looked at the front bumper - no traces. She jumped up, ran a little ahead, lifted her head ... It was dark, nothing was visible on the bridge.



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