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SAVVY Sister Spotlight: Stacy - StaRay Ink


How did you become the Savvy Sister that you are today?

Hey girl, heeeeey!

I am Stacy Hutchison and I am a marker loving, lettering enthusiast!! I am in the second year of my small business - StaRay. I grew up on a farm, went to college for Radiology (which I still do part time), and also get to create beautiful art work that people can share and cherish with the people they love!

There are a variety of things I create including faux calligraphy, painted signs, wedding decor, and handmade cards! I started my business in June of 2019 and what a ride it has been. I have received so much love and support, and I still do a little happy dance with every order!! Between art work and my part time mammography job, on the weekends my husband and I love exploring. We live in the PNW right now and spend our time chasing waterfalls and climbing mountains. Life is wild, but I can't imagine it any other way!

What keeps you going when things get tough?

My why - my husband, and honestly my own pride. For 2 totally different reasons.

1. My Husband -- My husband is the reason StaRay INK is a business. I have made handmade cards ever since I can remember. When I first started selling my cards, old classmates reached out saying they still remembered my handmade Birthday Cards I used to give them in grade school! (LOL) Best compliment EVER! So after meeting my husband and creating cards for family events he pushed me to start a Facebook page. I was SO nervous, I had no idea what I was doing or even getting myself into. Me? Make money off a handmade card? Yeah Right! Who wants to buy a card from me? But I did it, and I have been shown SO much love! Since then, my business has grown into so much more than a handmade card, and I have my husband to thank for that.

And here is where #2 comes in, my pride.

I am so dang proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone! I have become so much more confident in myself and believing you really can do whatever you work towards. So why not go on a limb and create something that makes me happy?! Sometimes you have to be your own biggest fan, and that's my why! If I don't believe in me, who will?!

What's one of the biggest lessons you've learned since starting your own business?

Some things are really hard. There's no sugar coating it. Just because someone doesn't buy something or no one 'likes' something, it doesn't mean they don't support me. Honestly, who knows what it means. In the end, not everyone is going to 'like' everything, and that's what makes it so hard sometimes. But that's also what makes it so exciting and rewarding when someone does!

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give younger you?

"Trust yourself and know your own dang value!" There's a huge difference between displaying confidence and actually believing it. I read something the other day posted by Steven Bartlett (I too a screenshot because I always want to remember it), "Successful people try things they know very little about and trust themselves to figure it out along the way. Unsuccessful people avoid things they know very little about because they don't trust themselves outside of their comfort zone."

What are three of your greatest strengths?

1. I easily make people feel comfortable and can make a genuine connection with them (as a Mammography Tech I get real personal real fast, making people comfortable is my job and I love it! By the end we're laughing about what a funny situation we're in and I've made a friend that I can't wait to see the next year for their exam)

2. Strong practical skill and a sense of duty (I love taking care of people, especially important people in my life - some would call me a people pleaser, I see it as caring for everyone in my life and making sure all is good all of the time!)

3. Loyal (I never want to disappoint anyone, I will always have your back!)

What's your go to stress reliever?

A bubble bath! Give me a bath bomb, the hottest water possible, and a little country music. This girl is in her element.

What's something you're currently celebrating?

I'm going to be an AUNT!!! I am SO SO SO excited my sister is having a baby. I absolutely love children and can't wait to have a little one running around at family get togethers. Lots of cuddles coming soon!

Follow Stacy on Instagram! @starayink

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